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The Genius Carbon® designer radiators are made of heating elements in carbon fibre, which transfer heat to the front radiant plate in painted steel, glass or thin porcelain stoneware. The designer radiators are designed to take full advantage of all the benefits of the Carbon Fibre technology. In fact, they consume about 40% less electricity than their competitors, and do not create electromagnetic fields.

They are not bulky and therefore can be installed anywhere without any problems. The heat is the real advantage which is obtained by using high thermal conductivity carbon fibre as a heating element. The radiation obtained with this technology heats objects, walls and people in the environment via thermal exchange, giving them a pleasant sensation of warmth.


Genius Carbon steel design radiator

Radiators that allow heating the environment using both irradiation diffused by the front surface and the natural convective motion of the air that is created by the channels inside...


Genius Carbon porcelain stoneware design radiator

From Thermal Technology comes a new generation of innovative radiators in porcelain stoneware.
Porcelain stoneware is a...


Genius Carbon other design radiator

Range of products that can be placed in any room that needs to be heated. In fact, the radiator can be moved anywhere, next to the couch, or desk, in the bedroom, etc...


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